The goal of this project was to create a free standing concrete fire pit using stuff I had laying around for the the casting mold (mainly scrap boards and an old grill). The design was developed and a template maker was created using Rhino / Grasshopper. The generation file with part list and assembly instructions is available for download below for creating your own design:


Like many people, I have collected a good amount of Ikea furniture over the years in the form of dressers and book cases. Many of these pieces were purchased throughout my 20's when I was especially financially challenged so I would end up getting the lowest end Ikea offerings.

Now, anyone who has done this has probably experienced the "leaning" effect of these products where after you move apartments or re-arrange things a few times they start to list one way or another. The inevitable end game of this casual leaning is total structural collapse.

Normal people would throw away the panels at this point but if you are into making stuff you can convince yourself to keep almost anything. Problem there is you need to actually use the stuff you have collected on projects every now and again to convince the people in your life that you are not just a run of the mill crazy person. Seeing as I needed a fire pit this seemed like a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.


The templates generated from the Grasshopper file were used to cut out all the panels needed. These were taped up and secured together with hanger straps.

After the outside mold was finished my old grill was called into service to act as the cut out cavity. I cut some pipe and ran a bolt through the grill and base board to suspend it in the center (this will also act a water run out when it's all done)

Concrete was poured into the mold and the top was smoothed out. After it was left to set the side walls were removed to expose the finished fire pit.


I decided to but some metal standoffs in the cavity and place the grill back in. This acts as a thermal barrier and gives a nice finish to the whole design.