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Automated 3D scan to print pipeline for custom CPAP masks


Metamason is a Los Angeles based startup pushing to revolutionize the CPAP industry through custom fit on-demand masks. Team members from ECR Labs were critical in bringing both the scanning app and the automated mask generation pipeline to life.

Our unique workflow allowed for the creation of custom on-demand masks to address the fundamental fit problems found in standard mass produced masks. The ECR Labs solution for the mask creation process leveraged cutting-edge 3D scanning solutions, an automated CAD build pipeline, and batch 3D printing technology to create a highly scalable solution for Metamason's custom medical product creation.

ecr labs metamason cpap mask
ecr labs metamason cpap sleep
metamason dashboard admin

Separate admin portal for member management functionality. This multi-tenancy system meets the needs of multiple customers with varying organizational needs.

metamason patient portal

Includes HIPAA compliant patient portal for easy patient management and ordering. The system can be accessed from a tablet or through any web browser.

metamason 3d scanning app

Face detection and computer vision algorithms give doctors real-time feedback during the scanning process. Camera position and speed is tracked relative to the patient’s face in real-time.

metamason 3d scanning visualization

Built-in scan visualization allows doctors to verify scan quality before uploading for print. Visualizer includes intuitive 360 camera rotation and automated quality controls.


The HIPPA compliant app addressed the operational demands of patient management for multiple types of medical practices. The mask itself was generated from 3D scan data captured on-site via this app so capturing high-quality scan data was critical. A high level of attention was given to the scanning interface ensuring that technicians of any skill level could capture this scan data efficiently and reliably.

  • React App with Electron
  • Intel Realsense D415
  • WebGL visualization
  • Web/Native version
  • C++ scanning library
  • HIPPA compliant


Intelligent and controlled deformation of the base 3D mask model allows for a precise model generation that maintains specified tolerances as well as design form language. Masks could be uploaded from our scanning app, digitally generated and ready for printing in seconds.

metamason landmark detection

Scans are processed and reconstructed, the computer vision library is used to find 68 unique facial landmarks on the face. These points serve as the foundation for the mask deformation and placement of all mold components.

metamason mask deformation

Linear based skinning is implemented using WebGL with bone deformation driven by anchor points. The result is a mask which deforms uniquely to the individual scan.

metamason cpap mask mold


After the digital CAD data of the mask was created additional automated operations were run to create a 3D printable mold. Each mold had to maintain to strict requirements to ensure that it would 3D print reliably on SLA machines and cast a perfect part.


The full headgear marries both new and existing manufacturing methods into a truly unique system. Each technology is leveraged to its fullest by combining cutting-edge on-demand manufacturing elements, traditionally manufactured parts and off the shelf components. The assembled system includes silicone cast mask, injection molded polycarbonate frame, Lycra headgear and OEM tube.

metamason cpap mask