Metamason was a Los Angeles based startup pushing to disrupt the CPAP industry through custom-fit, on-demand masks. We helped Metamason with the product design of the mask, the development of the scanning app, and the automated mask generation pipeline.


The assembled mask system included a silicone cast mask, injection molded polycarbonate frame, Lycra headgear and a OEM CPAP tube.

The software solution we helped Metamason create aimed to address the fundamental problems found in standard one size fits all masks. By combining 3D scanning software with 3D printing technology, we created a highly scalable solution for Metamason's custom medical product creation.

The HIPPA compliant app addressed the operational demands of patient management for multiple types of medical practices. The mask itself was generated from 3D scan data captured on-site via this app so capturing high-quality scan data was critical. A high level of attention was given to the scanning interface ensuring that technicians of any skill level could capture this scan data efficiently and reliably.

Intelligent and controlled deformation of the base 3D mask model allows for a precise model that maintains specified tolerances to each patient's unique face. Once the digital CAD data of the mask is generated, additional automated operations run to create a 3D printable mold. Each mold had to maintain strict requirements to ensure that it would 3D print reliably on SLA machines and cast a perfect part.